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Hi Alan

If the ME-1 is receiving an Aviom stream, the exact same stream is transmitted down the ‘Link Out’ socket. So both of your scenarios above will work.

It’s only the ME-U outputs that you can never connect an A-16II to. You can however plug the output of an A-16II (or any other Aviom 16-channel stream) into the ME-D input, for the ME-U to receive audio.

A-16II -> A-16II -> ME-1 -> ME-1 -> ME-U -> ME-1
A-16II -> A-16II -> ME-1 -> A-16II -> ME-U -> ME-1
A-16II -> ME-U -> ME-1
(other Aviom source) -> ME-U -> ME-1 -> ME-1
(other Aviom source) -> ME-1 -> ME-1

All of the above scenarios work. The scenario below does not work:

ME-U -> A-16II

Obviously if an Aviom source is being used, you are limited to 16 channels of audio throughout the system.


– Jeff, A&H