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You can use input channel libraries to recall settings for different users / instruments etc but that could get labor-intensive for a drum-kit so another possibility is to reserve a bunch of scenes for the purpose instead. create the scenes to contain only the relevant input channels e.g. Drums = ch1 thru ch10, bass scenes are always ch11,12 etc. keep some of each type as ‘default’
that way you can recall a particular Drummer or kit by scene name and it will do all channels needed. same for changes, simply update the ‘maple kit’ scene or ‘bass-player with pick’ scene as needed.
certain regularly used combinations of default / saved scenes could be combined into a ‘Save-all’ scene for instantaneous recall of complete setups. you have 250 scenes to play with. All 250 scenes plus the mixer config get saved as a showfile and its this that you can export to a USB drive. saving / updating scenes and shows does not interrupt the audio. you can then work on the showfile on your PC or Mac Editor offline if desired.
MixRack and surface do not have to be on the same AC circuit (as recommended for an analogue snake system), UPS is always good if you can afford it, especially if you have ‘critical audio I/O at FOH, I would recommend a backup iPS10 PSU for the DSP brain if nothing else.
USB record / playback will not happen on iLive – hundreds of iLive users use Dante with a DAW to capture and replay up to 64 channels of audio.
iLive isn’t really intended to be used with mouse and keyboard – hook up a laptop and use editor to name / colour / move channels freely as an alternative to the surface screen. iPads are for saving shoe-leather and making adjustments on the fly in location (eg stood next to the drummer’s mix wedge). Editor on wifi laptop does more detail but needs two paws.