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Ok, Demo unit is supposed to be to us on Thursday, excited to get my hands on it. Another couple of questions, first, we are a church, we have a few different band members that combine in various ways each week. My thought is to basically setup a “default” input library setting for each band member and load that when they are scheduled to play. For instance, say Bass Player A, Drummer B, Electric Guitar Player C is playing his Blonde Tele and the Worship Leader is playing his Martin. So I would create a scene in advance of soundcheck loading in the input settings for Bass Player A, the settings for drum mic channels for Drummer B, EG’s C’s Blonde and WL’s Martin. My question is this if I want to update the “default” inputs with any settings that have been changed, there is no way change them all en masse, correct? If I save the scene to my flash drive at the end of the service, I can go back and save each input later correct. Also, if I did it during the sermon, there should be no interuption of audio, correct?
Question 2, Is it necessary/prudent to have the power for the surface and mixrack on the same electric circuit. Part B, is it a good idea to use a UPS on the system and are there any recommendations