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As you have an analogue split you could use a second QU32 off one of those for the TV feed, and ‘upgrade’ to a Cat5 dSnake for the FOH/monitor desk.

You can control each desk with 2 QuPad connections and 6-8 (depending on the number of QuPad connections) QuYou ‘personal monitor mixes’ – though I’d limit those to any IEM musicians. You might also want to ensure that each is on it’s own wireless to reduce the bandwidth contention.

I *think* that the Behringer X32 and digital snake combination might allow you to do ‘direct virtual patching’ without using up channels/buses, allowing you to send the inputs directly to the outputs on a second snake, or even to another mixer??!
I’m a bit hazy on how the interconnects work, since it’s more detailed than my requirements (although I am considering them for something else)

Of course if you don’t need the input eq etc to be different then you could use a group/mix ouptut for the TV, and mix *that* live using an android tablet hooked into a midi control surface for hardware faders.