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Fair enough. I agree that the more faders available at one time the better, especially when transitioning from analogue. It’s also worth pointing out that the x32\m32 doesn’t have a custom layer to the extent that the Qu does (but the guy who coded the remote control app for Android manged to implement one.) I also like that the Qu has dedicated encoders for each of the peq bands, rather than having to use a button to switch between bands like on the x32\m32, or relying on using touch+turn on the Yamaha TF.

Because you mentioned iPad control, I didn’t realise a 1:1 channel:hardware fader was a consideration. If it is, only the Qu and a Yamaha TF5 satisfy that, (unless you got something older like an M7 or SL, but they have issues of their own, or got one of the bigger ilive\dlive surfaces with a ridiculous number of faders, but they’re also more expensive.) The Soundcraft SI series gets close, though it’s not quite 1:1.

I’m not trying to sell you Behringer, but I’ve recently been helping a few people who have purchased them to configure them, and in doing that I’ve noticed that Behringer have got a series of midi controllers (BCF and xTouch) that can essentially get another 8x hardware faders under your fingertips, which would mean less layer switching. You can daisy-chain them together too.