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Thanks for the response. I’ve looked at the X32/M32 and the feature set is nice. One thing I like about the QU32 is the 32 fader access vs 2 layers of 16 on the Beh/Midas. Price point on the QU is pretty close to where I need to be. I don’t have to have the Dsnake, but it would be convenient. I could stay analog snake with a longer split and probably make it work, but I’m also trying to plan for a few years in advance and a cat5 snake looks to be where everything is headed. I have not looked into the Soundcraft or the TF but I’m guessing a higher price. I’m not under a time crunch on this, so I’ll look into the options you’ve listed. We record simultaneously for television. We switch and record live but finish and edit in post down to 26 minutes. Once again, thanks. Looks like I’ve got more research to do.