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Thanks Chris,

I did both things, but I re-tried and still no result. I put a ‘tick’ in front of,

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when I opened the post, but I guess the wording wasn’t clear: my initial post did not generate an email. So now I will see if this post generates an email.

What I’m trying to get are three files:

Dante Firmware Update Manager for Windows (19.81 MB)
M-Dante firmware V3.7.0 (2.56 MB)
& (if Windows doesn’t work)
Dante Firmware Update Manager for Mac (18.82 MB)

Audinate Dante Controller will let me run ASIO when iDR48 is turned on and the M-Dante module is plugged in, but that’s about it. No address. Not much except the name. And yet Audinate Dante Virtual Soundcard works with the Audinate Dante VIA (I have green dots for those, and they have addresses, etc). Strange.