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Thanks Jeff.
I appreciate the details. I will play around with the only assign section in i/o.
I think i did try this, but i still had to tap each square to get it to set. will have another look.

The scene and alternate inputs, potentially could work, bit if we are doing a lot of different shows, it could be time intensive if inputs are not one to one .
we thought of this, but it would be good for future options to have a button that will just switch to alternate inputs.
the hazards here are that yes i can build a scene so i can go to my digital io from Dante to playback, make a stack of changes to the current scenes, then have another button to put the i/o back. remembering to make sure those options are safe again. it is time consuming and also can lead to potential disaster. if i was working on a theatre production of 100 scenes.

i am waiting for PLS to start. and will be watching for news of 1.2
I know mute groups is a desperate item needed.