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in i/o the ability to tap and sequence a bunch of inputs in line

If you hold the Setup button while in the I/O screen and touch the I/O assignment area, you can turn on “Only assign when the ‘Assign’ button is pressed”. In this mode, you can hold an on-screen Assign button, and drag diagonally to assign I/O. I don’t use this myself, but I do like to set the I/O screen to use the full screen, and enable ‘radio’ mode (‘radio’ as in radio button, as opposed to the radio broadcast application).

the ability to push one button and set to alternate inputs

You should be able to achieve this using the scene system and a soft key. You can allow it to use just one button by using two scenes that change the function of the soft key so that it loads the other scene. These scenes would have their recall filter set so that everything except the relevant soft key and the input routing patch bay are blocked (this is easily achieved by starting with the block all button).

You may also be interested in any reports on V1.2 that come back from PLS frankfurt.