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Mike Ashelby

Hi Guys,

Sorry to re-open this lengthy thread, but I’m trying to achieve the same thing. Here’s my use case:

Functions band with recorded music being provided between live sets. We use the stereo ins to play the music. Mute group 1 mutes all the band channels, but not the background music. The band are all on in ears.

Before set 1, back ground music is playing, the band tune up, and everyone check their channels are working by playing a little bit and hearing it back in their ears… except with the QU-Pac, the ears are muted by the mute group.

Yes, there are might be hacks to get around this, but an option to have the FOH mute not affect the aux mutes seems pretty basic to me (we had it on our old Mackie DL-1608).

Does anyone have a good way to do this yet? I’m on a gig tonight, so will try the direct out settings, but it doesn’t seem like that’s the one we need.