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Thank you guys! Much appreciated.

It was a very long and tiring day (15 hours, almost non-stop), but I have to say, I’m blown away by how easy the QU-32 is to use. I truly didn’t expect it to come together as easily as it did.

I had done my homework ahead of time. I spent several hours going through the manual and learning as much as I could without being at an actual gig. I’d set up everything I could think of for this show, so once I had the rig set up and sat down to the mixer, there wasn’t too much to change. I only had to consult the manual once. Have to say, I impressed myself! lol

Mixing on this desk is such a pleasure! Everything I need right there at my fingertips. Graphic EQ for FOH and both monitor mixes, compression on each channel. All these came in quite handy today. It really is a breeze!

I used the custom layer, so that saved me from having to switch layers. That’s one of the reasons I choose A & H QU. When I’m running sound at theatrical/musical type gigs where I have characters on and off stage almost constantly, I don’t have time to be switching layers. I assigned the first 24 faders to the 24 wireless systems, a couple of wired mics off stage to 25 and 26. 29 is DCA for all wireless mics, 31 is DCA for both monitor mixes and 32 was L/R for the music track source. Everything right there. Easy Peasy!!

Thanks to all of the members here who have contributed such great information! It helped me to choose this mixer AND helped me to prepare for my first gig with it.

Looking forward to rehearsal tomorrow (Friday) and shows on Saturday and Sunday.

And after all that, …. the best part about today, …… I picked up another gig!!

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