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Yep – always the layer. I’ve owned mine now for 2-1/2 years and it still catches me out sometimes.
Also go over the routing/ set-up at home and become familiar with where everything is you may need so you can get to it quickly. I wrote out some notes covering the most common tasks I needed for my first few shows.
Check that your pre’s and post’s are all how you want them to be and how to change them if necessary.
Set up a scene based on what you already know to get some of the work done at home.
Take a back up mixer just in case and if you don’t already use one, get yourself a sine wave UPS for just the mixer. I use mine every show without exception and it has saved me more than once. It will give you time to power down if anything goes wrong … i.e. power outage It will also allow you to save the settings which might not auto save in a power outage.