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Mh, so there is a “proper” shutdown routine via the script. However, people won’t do that with a foot switch. As described in my blog post about the project, I used piCore Linux (the SSH variant, that comes without X11/graphics). One hassle but also but advantage of piCore is that it never stores stuff to the SD card. The hassle is that things need to be unpacked/loaded from the SD card on startup (which is slow) and that this probably needs quite a bit of RAM since all data end up in RAM disks. The huge advantage, however, is that it never performs any write access to the SD card, unless you issue a special command. Resulting in: a) damage of the SD card is unlikely, since SD cards get “spent” mostly on write access b) you don’t need a proper shutdown because the system cannot leave behind corrupted file systems (since it never leaves behind anything anyways) – simply pull the power and you’re safe.