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all the master faders for the outputs being used would be assigned to a DCA and that DCA (on the custom layer) would be the master

This is how is see this scenario as well.
I experimented with quad sound out in a park about 25 years, quite unsucessfully I might add as back then didnt have matrix’s or the sends available now.
So I am assuming dpdan is talking about 1 DCA Fader for all would be acceptable.

However on thinking about this [in a live sound scenario] you might still want to have just a L/R FOH still hapening for MC/speeches talk to audience etc…

So then what is the data (audio) that is assigned to mid/sides and rears?
EFX …? for a surround sound?

The original post didnt say if it was live sound, in PA reinforcement, fixed installation or a home theatre?