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@zueri: Well, since the stuff is open source, I can’t keep you from continuing anyways. 😉 Beware that there is code that is not really open source (it says so in the headers/comments of those files), so you need a solution for that on the long run.

@Keef: indeed needs the IP address. This could be improved by a quick scan on the local subnet which should work for almost all cases.

The dirname thing: This is nothing more than a bash command that finds the name of the current directory. It ensures that from which working directory ever you start the script, it knows where it lives itself.

If I remember correctly, I used as part of the PyCore Linux system init structure. (I’d need to log into my foot switch to check.) Basically, it attaches STDIN of to a FIFO, so that it later can send a shutdown command via that FIFO. redirects it output to the system log.

The purpose of this: a) getting the foot switch software up and running on system start b) being able to later on log into your foot switch and monitor the debug output of the code on via the system log.

I think does not use the dirname trick because I symlinked it from the system init directory structure of piCore Linux, so dirname would think the script lives in some other place.

During development, you would simply run python ./ as root.

@zueri: I am not a regular user of Github. Could we continue this rather detailed technical discussion there? If so, please make a start and feel free to copy this forum post here to an appropriate place.