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Question #1 Depending on how many inputs you’re using you could double up your inputs strips that are assigned the same physical input ex; bass drum to input strip #1 and #31 all from the one socket and set up a custom mix page (editor/custom tab) and use that for your streaming feed, the second engineer would have access to all the inputs but be independent of the main mix, on the first series i.e 1 to 30 for ex, set these to have pre amp on surface and set the other series to have trim on surface … anything you do except adjust the preamp on the main mix would be independent…..

Question #2 save a scene with all your settings “store all” then change your congig and recall that scene, of course all the scenes that had assignments to non-existant auxes or in this case groups will be different and need to have some sort of updating done but as you are not using sub groups you should be good to go with little difference….to be safe save your show and name a new show for your attempt at the separate streaming mix that way if you make a mistake you haven’t lost you original work……also you can eventually isolate the streaming mix further by making all the channels “safe” they then will not be altered by what is done in the main mix, if that is something you need….

Hope that helps