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Keef, cool to hear that the stuff works for somebody else too.

The code linked below my blog post is still the latest version I have. I did this project in between two jobs when I had plenty of time… It would still be great to have the delay time in the opposite direction (qu->foot switch) implemented but I can’t find the time and motivation at the moment. After all, the stuff works for my purposes.

Of course, I am willing to accept contributions. 🙂

Concerning wireless, this for sure is a good idea and I’d love to have it, too. I got some WLAN USB key, but for some reasons I didn’t manage to get it to work with the Pi and also it is not very sturdy. Furthermore – at least in Germany – old wireless mics are now forbidden since they re-assigned the frequencies to mobile phones and stuff. So people are going for the more recent 2,4Ghz wireless audio which conflicts with WLAN. So, if you use WLAN, be it with the iPad or this foot switch, better go for a solution that can use the 5GHz band. (I recently had two wireless mics killing my entire WLAN communication with the ipad… grrr!)