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Thanks guys… I finally found time to dig into this and it wasn’t hard to do at all.
I mixed a lot this weekend and it worked like a champ.

Here is what I did: in the SETUP menu of the console – I went to I/O Patch > SURFACE > ALT OUT > scroll all the way through the options to PAFL.

From the Alt out I ran my cable into my interface that is hooked up to a computer with Smaart on it.

In Smaart I just used the Spectrograph …. While using the PAFL option – I would select the channel and only the channel response showed up on the Spectrogragh. Just like a true SOLO mode BUT visual and non-destructive. I used it primarily on vocalists who have wide range of etiquette, proximity effect…. Plus bass / kick separation.

I very quickly noticed areas like 250-265Hz AND the fundamental harmonics of those frequencies coming in….. Ex… 250hz, 500hz…etc… Often we cut one frequency when in reality there may be a harmonic of the biggest offender as well…. Like in pairs or even in threes.

Making proper reductions in this area I was able to clean up areas that were strong….

Haven’t check but this may be an option on the Qu-32 console already using the Spectrogragh. It is a little hard to see on the “Stereo” split screen.

Seeing a snapshot of every instrument is valuable. Had a great time with it.

Loving the Qu-32!