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The big problem I am seeing is I install and setup a system. I attend several services and try to tweak the principle mics as for EQ and comp. same person on same mic every week. Usually predicable but can vary a little. I find that most church media people have no concept of EQ or especially setting a compressor. They only know faders and mutes.

Then I come back later and things sound worse. I find they have tweaked EQs to something they think it should be. Usually adjusting frequencies they have no idea as to what it’s doing. Mostly muddying things up.

Like Mark. I try to save my scenes way down the list. So I will go back and show them what they have done. At least it’s easier than the old days when I would come in and see EQ knobs all over the place and I would go through and try to put them back where they needed to be.