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Thanks to everyone for the input. I believe I will deciding in favor of the Qu.

For the record, I’m not worried about changing routing in mid-gig… except by accident, during a scene recall. The issue was how easy it would be to do it on purpose, during rehearsals, etc.

My current rig’s interface makes it awkward to flip between anything but all-digital and all-analog without a ton of button pushing… and on top of that, there is no way to safe (globally, or otherwise) your input/output routing from unintended changes during scene recalls. So with my gear, if you audition a scene offline via Firewire playback, and save it that way, you’re in for a surprise come showtime. Worst of both worlds.

I just re-read the Qu24 manual’s section on scene recalls, and if anything, it appears to be even better than I’d thought. You seem to be able to sprecify custom scene recall filtering for individual scenes, not just globally, which I believe means that you can build a scene intended to set up a complicated mix of Analog/USB input routing, and recall it with a single push… no futzing around with the global filter settings. Pretty excellent.