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The DAW Control driver is designed to work with the MIDI Strips on the Custom Layer of the mixer. All other MIDI messages as described in the MIDI Protocol are linked to the DSP channels, and are meant primarily for third party control of the mixer, or Show control applications (Qlab and similar).

You might be able to assign NRPN controls to your DAW, but bear in mind they would affect parameters on the mixer at the same time.

First you need Logic to use the Qu MIDI port (over USB, or over network with the TCP MIDI driver) as opposed to (or in addition to) the DAW Control virtual ports. The next step is to try and get Logic to recognise (Learn) the controls. Read the Logic manual on MIDI learning. You might have to tweak the MIDI control settings in Logic to get it to work, for example the faders must be set to Unsigned, Multiply by 1.00, and Mode = Scaled.

Hope this helps.