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The only reason I don’t use my Qu16 for theater is that it doesn’t do timed fades. The faders fly at the same rate when recalling scenes. There are certain instances in the theatrical musicals that I mix where I would need a fade longer than the instantaneous fader movement of the Qu. It’s also limited to 100 scenes, if I remember correctly. That’s not enough for me. A current musical I’m mixing has 148 scenes.
I’ve used scenes extensively for a band I mix on occasion. I use the scenes exclusively for FX changing and muting/unmuting. I don’t change FX during songs, but instead set up soft keys for the different effects I want within the songs and change in between songs. I’ve never noticed a lag in audio when changing scenes in between songs. I also set up a soft key with an FX mute in each scene just so the vocalist can banter without the FX if needed. The FX muting/unmuting works instantly, which is perfect for certain echo effects needed for certain phrases in the pop music played by this particular band.
I don’t see why you can’t set up a scene to switch routing on channels. I don’t know if I would do this in the middle of a set since I’ve never attempted it. Since the Qu24 has more soft keys it would be easy to set up a number of FX to each song and mute/unmute what you need and when you need it. Tap Tempos are also able to be saved with scenes.
My AB168 has worked flawlessly. Patching is easy and any input of the AB168 can be patched to any input on the Qu. Same with the outputs. I also like its portability. I can walk into a gig with the Qu16 in its custom carry case over my shoulder and have the AB168 in one hand with a reel of CAT5 in the other hand. It sure beats the analog days.
If you are considering a Qu24 you might want to consider the 2412 instead. Yes, it’s a rackmount unit but it has the I/O to match the Qu24.
I have no experience with the Soundcraft.