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I’m going to jump into this. I have no problem setting the connection up and controlling the mixer through the qu-pad app. My problem is that the connection only lasts for a few minutes, 10 minutes MAX before it suddenly drops out. The activity light on the ethernet port is not lit anymore. The only way for me to reconnect is to unplug the ethernet cable and plug it back in. When i do that once (sometimes twice) the activity light starts blinking again and i am able to briefly connect through the qu-pad app once again before the process repeats itself. This is an early qu-16 i am using, at the latest firmware, this problem has persisted throughout all of the firmware and qu-pad updates for me. I am using a airport express also, per the suggestion of allen and heath. Is this a known issue that was resolved in the chrome edition qu’s?

I’ve been hoping firmware updates would fix this for a long time, and i am starting to get frustrated not being able to maintain a reliable connection through qu-pad. Thus not being able to utilize one of the features that is most important to me, being able to control the mixer from anywhere in the room.