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Yep. Have a look at p7-8 of the manual. It shows a variety of possible system setups, including GLD’s dsnake socket > AR2412 > AB168, GLD’s expander port > AR84. This gives you a total of 48x remote preamps, + the 4x local preamps + the local RCA line ins + the local USB 2-track. You’ve also got the card inputs (eg 64 channels of Dante,) for a total of 126 inputs. This setup also gives you 24x remote outputs, + the local XLR + RCA + SPDIF + AES\EBU + USB 2-track recorder outputs, and the expansion card outputs (eg 64 channels of Dante out.)

Although the GLD only allows you to mix 44x mono and 2x stereo inputs at once, the extra IO can be used as insert sends and returns for any outboard you want to insert across channels/mixes, and you can use the expansion card for inserts IO. Of course you can patch the same mix/DO to multiple outputs if you want.

You can also use the stageboxes as a routing matrix, eg you can route an input directly to an output, even if it’s not one of the 44m+2st that’s part of your current mix. Although you won’t have any processing or level control on the signal, you do get a polarity invert option on the output. I haven’t yet figured out how to get preamp control and +48v on preamps that aren’t part of the 44m+2st when trying to get them straight to another output. I have a feeling that a socket will need be be made part of the 44m+2st, preamp gain and +48v set, then it can be unassigned from the 44m+2st and it will retain its settings.

PS, with this setup you can also plug MEU/ME1s into the Monitor socket on the AR2412 and get your 40x personal monitor outputs, patched from where ever you want, even signals that aren’t part of the 44m+2st.