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Coming from a musicians point of view after using the tap function on a QU to really hit the groove of music playing, I have had to tap sometimes 5-7 times. [unless its a short slap back type of effect where the time didnt really matter too much]
Remember that if you are wanting the tap for “this purpose” of being in that time groove [musicians are in] music dose drift in and out of tempo. Unless of course live musicians are playing to a click track?

I have found personally I nearly need to anticipate the tapping.
However there are many types of delayed effects so what I have just said is only an example or scenario.
I have tried the screen and prefer to assign the tap to a dedicated soft key of which I might say is a little spongy so right there is an issue within itself. [however this still works]
The soft key is nothng like an external device wired into an outboard rack of equipment.
However within the general scheme of things, after practice, I find this is built into this hardware acceptable at this level of equipment.
Maybe and this just an idea… try rehearsing the tapping, to a mechanical click track? A metronome?