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Yes… Questions?
What type of radios? UHF VHF or digital?
The old line of sight always springs to mind… especially when a room of people can seem to effect transmission or drop out.
There are so many variables in radio mic transmission scenarios.

However I have had an AR08 go down right in the middle of a show with all 6 vocal mics sporadically.
It turned out to be the digital comms board in the AR08. The AR08 has a very small fan that can scream. It always concerned me a little however since replacing the comms board it has been fine.
Maybe get another cat 5 cable and either swap it out/? or put it right next to the existing cable and if you have that problem an immediate change over is instantaneous and then you would know. The AR08 resyncs instantly [on the QU that is. I dont have a GLD].
Its concerning or unsettling to be able to really track the issue down so you know for definate you have solved the issue.

Hope this helps?