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I used to slam the iLive preamps pretty hard, I treated +6dB as zero on inputs and +9dB as zero on outputs.
The iLive had so much headroom it was more like an analog desk, I read that it had something like 18dB of headroom above the point where you hit the top red light.

The dLive has an absolute truckload more headroom, so to saturate it is actually going to be quite a challenge. The iLive had 56 bit accumulators which was industry leading and at the time stupidly over the top. The dLive has 96bit internal bit depth, that’s the depth of the sample not the sampling rate which is also 96khz. Its hard to really get a grip on how epic this is, its a new level of noise floor that is difficult to comprehend.

It kind of makes slamming the preamps pointless, the noise floor is so stupidly low and the internal headroom so high, its kind of pointless.

Its almost getting to the point where you could plug an input into 240v mains and it wouldn’t clip 🙂