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To be accurate, Qu-You doesn’t have a password access.
It’s your devices dropping off the wireless network and the network asking you to log on again.
It sounds like this is happening when your iPads/iPhones go to sleep.

So stop them doing it.
Settings > General > Auto-Lock – set to “Never”.

To stop your devices switching away from your desk’s router to the venue’s local one or any other you have logged on to in the same area, go into Settings > Wi-Fi >
Make sure your device is logged on to your router.
Then against any other network names displayed, press the “info” logo and on the next page select “Forget this network”.

Also – turn off “Mobile Data” and disable Bluetooth.

Make sure your devices are fully charged. If they drop into “Low Battery Mode” at around 20% charge level, they are also likely to fall off-line.