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Thanks guys and collectively you have cleared this up.

It was not clear to me when looking at the block diagram in the manual that the fader that can be routed to the Main aux has special status.

I understood that the single fader on each input channel could be used to control multiple sends by using the mix button on the receiving auxes (sp?). What was unclear was that the send to the Main aux had special status and that the pre and post switch on all the other sends was relative to it. I assumed that all the sends and the “virtual” faders created for each aux had equal status wherein the pre/post would have simply taken each respective virtual fader in and out of the circuit.

As it is, the actual implementation is necessary to create special effects (reverb, etc) that can be either fixed to the input or varies relative to the Main output. It all makes sense now.

Thanks again. This is a great forum and again I appreciate your patience and your help.