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Hi John,

I don’t want to assume anything, so please pardon me if I state the obvious. Make sure when you are selecting pre/post that you are doing so with the Mix button of the respective Aux mix lit. As to your question about the IP1 to AUX 1 pre and Aux 2 post, I would expect that the listening level in Aux 1 would vary and be lower than Aux 2 until the IP1 fader reaches -20db in the Main mix. At this point they should be the same level.

My logic is that IP1 is set is set 20db lower in Aux 1 than in Aux 2. Once you overcome that difference, the volume should be equal. The IP1 feeding Aux 1 is always at 0db (pre). If you set the IP1 fader to 0db in the main Mix it will cause the Aux 2 level for IP1 to be 20db above Aux 1. therefore when IP1 is set to -20 in the Main Mix they will be equal. I hope this helps.