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Thanks Eli,

Let me set up a different scenario. Suppose you have lp1 driven by a monaural music source and Aux1 and Aux2 feeding into monitor speakers A and B respectively. Aux1 relates to lp1 PRE and Aux2 relates to lp1 as post (not PRE). Now we press Aux1 mix and set the lp1 level to -40 and then press Aux2 mix and set lp1 to -20. These values are both stored and if we press the Aux mix buttons back and forth the lp1 fader will jump back and forth between -20 and -40.

But it would seem that the PRE setting on Aux1 would force it to read the lp1 level as -0 ( ignoring the fader) while Aux2 would take the signal at -20 under the control of the fader (post fader). Is this correct or does pre and post only have effect elsewhere?