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Thermal test already in progress since about 5 hours using this setup:

– Qu32
– Ch1-8 receive 4 stereo audio streams from a sequencer (Spectralis)
– These four streams are routed into four FX units running reverbs (assuming these require most DSP performance)
– Ch15-24 receive signals from 10 phantom powered mics and DI boxes
– All 18 input streams are recorded and mixed on my plain old notebook (Intel Core2Duo/nVidia) running Win7 and Reaper
– Mix sum is sent back live to channels 11&12 which I’m listening to
– ASIO settings are minimum USB buffer and 64 Samples, providing a turnaround latency of about 2mSec, which is damn great.

I’ve decided to run with this critical ASIO setting since it pulls about 50% constant CPU load on my notebook and any user action results in slight audible clicks. Audio is clean when not touching anything, so errors should be noticed easily (hopefully).

My fans are off, dogbox is closed and DSP temperature is at about 70°C, case temperature at the rear sockets at 37°C.

This setup ran nicely until right now, where I too get this noise. Re-plugging USB instantly cures the issue.

I’ll continue testing with fans active, to reduce temperature. I’ll let you informed if this changes anything (I somehow doubt it). Then I reverted ASIO settings to more moderate values (I normally use largest buffers with 2048 Samples, since for live recording I’m not bothering with low latency).

Writing this I realized that everybody with issues should check (and probably post) the Qu ASIO settings.