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Hi Bob,

Yes Know where to see the QuPac DHCP setting. It has a default Ip, subnet & gateway. Please let me know how important are these default values.

Yes I can also see the DHCP table in the router if you mean viewing the router in computer or via settings of the ipad upon connecting to it.

I really do not understand it as I am not familiar with networking.
But here’s how I do it.

1. Turn on the router.
2. Connect the the network cable to & from router to qupac (via lan port).
3. Turn on the qupac with default DHCP ENABLED setting.
4. Connect my Ipad via wifi to this router after checking the Lnk is on (orange).
5. Open the QUPAD app, which gives 2 options DEMO & OTHER.
6. I Chose the OTHER.
7. It prompts to enter IP ADDRESS or HOST NAME.
8. This where I try to enter the IP of the router.

Hoping that you get help figure out from these details.
I also tried to update the ip, subnet & gateway in the mixer but no success also.