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Curious as to why you’re using a DCA for monitors. I know it’s a convenient way of adjusting the level of all the monitor mixes at once to make the whole stage louder or quieter, but how often do you need to do this during a set? Have you considered instead using it for FX sends\returns or splitting the instruments into gtrs\keys etc? It might make your workflow easier.

I think it’s worth ensuring you’ve got a multi-track recording ready to go. You that way you can record your band essentially straight off the preamps, and later on if something sounds wrong you’ll be able to determine if it was something to do with the musician or the desk. It’ll also mean you can play it back later do a virtual sound check, and perhaps fine-tune your eq/comps/fx, and get them sounding even better for next time.

Finally, ensure you make use of the custom layer. eg if your keys are in stereo and their faders are linked you can just have the left channel’s fader viable. The spare faders can then be used for fx\dcas\subgroup masters. This way when you’re mixing you won’t have to do as much layer switching, allowing you to make changes more quickly.

PS, don’t forget the softkeys. Having them pre-programmed for mute groups, tap tempos, scene changes etc can also mean less looking through menus in the heat of the moment.

Good luck with it.