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Dick, Yes, I know about crossovers in speakers. Indeed almost all sub-bass speakers are mechanically incapable of reproducing higher frequencies. My own JBL powered speakers (no rack at all and with my QU-24 the only outboard I now have is… the crossover) are quoted as being full range (no internal crossover) and here lies the problem. I wish to keep the energy laden bass frequencies away from the JBl mid/tops. I get a cleaner sound with obviously more overhead by using a crossover.

In fact I tailor the slope of the crossover to match that of the bass cab which admittedly do have and electronic crossover point.

I once saw a speaker cone filmed in high-speed (about 500 frames/second). It was really scary to watch the supposedly stiff cone ripple with bass waves and shimmer with the mid frequencies. This is why I am asking for a crossover to be built in.

There have been many others asking for this too. Agreed there are many other features that could be added and it is a question of development resources. So, I stick it out there and see what happens.