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Thanks Mark for the quick response. I know effects are generally used POST fader. The only time I go Pre is with a loud snare or toms that I cannot justify placing in the PA due to them being so loud. So I will set the effect to Pre so some of the effect will still come through even though the drums are out of the PA.

I appreciate the response but I am looking for more detail… Would you be so kind to look at my question again and let me know what you think of the questions in the configuration settings?

Ok…. Pre fade: All Pre or All Post? I have been unknowingly running this in Pre mode which is probably why the effect was so hard to control…. I now have it in POST. if I pull the main vocal fader down I no longer hear the effect like I did in PRE mode. I am certain this is set correct now.

Ok so what about “Channel Source” – there are many options… I could go with Post Eq or I could go Post all….. Where should this be set?

There is some redundancy with this board that I haven’t learn it all yet…. For example… Changing things on the surface and also being able to change thing inside the menu…