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Put the built in Comp/Limiter on your Aux fed subs.
Set it up so its just kissing the threshold to protect your speakers.
The last thing you need/want is over-driven bottom end subs in this madly driven sub bottom-end world.

Clipping the amp wasn’t what I was wanting to protect my subs against. Overexcursion from subsonic frequencies was my main concern, since some sources have < 10Hz information, but even 25Hz isn’t good for my particular drivers in their 55Hz Fb ported enclosure. The free-air phenomenon when fed lower frequencies than the port’s tuning, can cause physical damage from over excursions.

I’m already using limiters to avoid clipping amps, but I’ve since acquired a DriveRack PA+ and its subsonic filtering is covering my bottom-end now, nicely. The input channels’ HPF was working temporarily, until the DRPA+ arrived, but it didn’t help with Pink Noise, for instance.

Just seems like I bought a piece of gear that the Qu-16 already does 99% of, but had to splurge because of that 1% the Qu-16 won’t give me.