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Pit Lenz

This is not possible in the I/O window.
But you can do it in the channel`s preamp tab. Here you can also select the input source for that channel.
Here`s an example:
Go to channel one, hit the input tab and choose Socket-1 as an it`s input source.
Then go to channel two and you can select the same XLR socket again. (Basically you can select the XLR socket-1 for all existing mixer channels, if you wish.)

Back to the I/O window:
Now you see three points behind XLR 1`s input connection. This means that there are more than the named mix channel connected to this XLR. In the middle at the bottom is a pull-up menu called “INFO”. Pull it up (or simply click it) and it will show you a list of ALL the patched destinations of (mix channels connected to) the highlighted XLR socket.

Hope that helped…