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You are confusing a thinly veiled (Yamaha) discount program with a nonexistent “trade-up” or trade in (you get to keep your LS9) or a “trade-up” program (Digico) that was offered in October of 2012, with no specifics…

Yamaha is offering their program for the simple reason that sales are low, and the LS9 ownership requirement is their marketing scheme to involve previous customers. Think about it: everyone who doesn’t own an LS9 is left out! Not a good plan to attract new customers. If their sales were good on these mixers, this “loyalty” discount program would not exist!

Understand that Yamaha and Digico are fine companies with first-rate products, but the plan of offering ongoing and free improvements to the mixers (Allen & Heath iLive, and now Behringer X32 series) has proven to be of more value to customers than an occasional marketing discount scheme.


-Tim T
Detonator Sound