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The QU does the same thing from a USB stick. You need to program a Soft Key for playback. I think you need a second soft key to advance to the next track (I could be mistaken). The QuDrive shows up on ST3. You must select the ST3 channel, then go up to the Gain encoder on the upper left of the board and press the USB button so it is lit. Once that is lit then the QuDrive stereo output is assigned to ST3 and you will be able to hear any tracks on that USB stick. However I don’t think the QuDrive will play .mp3 files.
If you insist on playing back the tracks on an external device (as I do) there are many free and low-cost programs that will play back stereo files in order and that can be programmed with fades and cross fades. I use Show Cue Systems for my playback. These programs are more suited to theatrical playback as the levels, pans and fades for each cue can be programmed and will play back consistently in each performance.