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1- I would require play and record at the same time using the QU-drive.
For example play channels 1-7 , from the qu-drive and record say channels 8 and 9 again on the QU-drive.

NOTE:I only have the QU-24. I’m not sure if everything I say here also applies to the QU-16.

There are two USB plugs on the mixer and they each work differently.

The one on the top surface is called QU-Drive and can only record onto a formatted USB thumb drive or hard drive. It can record 18 tracks (your choice of channels). The software player can playback the 18 tracks which are permanently routed to the first 18 input channels. The player cannot record and playback at the same time, because once armed to record, it automatically arms all 18 channels simultaneously.

The USB on the rear panel is a Type B Streaming port. It is intended for streaming to and from a computer DAW. It can record and playback simultaneously (32 out / 30 in) as long as your DAW supports it. However, the playback channels cannot be patched/ re-routed. They are fixed sequentially. If you playback a stereo file, (such as an mp3) it will automatically bring it in through ST3.

2- I need to be able to sync the qu drive to my sequencer. I understand the QU has no sync facility at all. – Is striping a track old school a possible? (Yes I know I could use a DAW but I really dont like computers.)

I don’t believe QU-Drive supports that. The rear USB B port does support DAW control via MIDI, but I don’t know about a sequencer.

3- I hear the QU drive can record a max of 18 channels at once. May sound daft but thats for the QU16 thats got to be 16 right? 18 for QU24/32?

It can record 16 input channels plus any 2 of the output channels simultaneously. It can record any 18 input channels or combination of input and output channels on the 24 and 32.

4- Can i output groups of channels to desk outputs. Ie select ch 1-8 to all go through output 1&2, 9-12 out of output 3 and so on?

Yes. All of the Mix outputs are like aux sends. Any input channel can be sent to any output channel or combination of multiple output channels.

4A – If the above is possible can i select many channels to same fader? so control many channels from one fader

You can on the 24 and 32, but not the 16. These are called Groups and Matrices. However, the Mix outs do have master faders, if that’s what you mean.