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Just to add a little more FAT32 formatting knowledge here.
While Windows won’t format drives larger than of the favourite ways to quickly set up drives in FAT32 is readily available providing you have both a host Windows computer and Internet access.
Go here:
Then click the “Windows GUI version of FAT32 Format” on the left of the screen.
Your target drive will need to be already connected to the host machine.
Double/triple-check that you are targeting the correct drive before you format!
The “allocation unit size” dropdown needs to be set to “32768” which generates the correct cluster size for A&H connected drives.
It can take some time for your mixer to recognise the drive after external formatting.
Rebooting the desk with the drive already connected can speed up the process.
All of this doesn’t negate the strict requirements for streaming communication between QU mixers and drives.
From personal experience Qu-Drive drives with their own power supplies tend to work well although QU-Drive is usually happy with high data-rate memory sticks – I use Sandisk Cruzer Blade 128GB sticks unless it’s mission-critical when I plug in a Glyph GT062 2TB RAID array drive, which mirrors on the fly to two separate 1TB drives.
Usually the USB B streaming port is feeding a computer with Pro-Tools or Adobe Audition in this scenario.