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Ahh – got that, thanks. That was exactly how I was experimenting last night. May aim is to get as much done as I can before I even get to the venue… then it’s all about balance and a little but of tweaking. I am often astounded at just how muddy the sound is with most pub/small venue gigs. I did my very first one a couple of weeks ago on a Yamaha analogue desk and managed to get something better in a matter of minutes, and it was commented on by the audience. And with the QU-16, it will be much more like working with my DAW (Ableton) which I use to produce my own music with a friend – it has a very familiar feel, so the workflow is just something I need to learn and perfect.

Was also glad to have gotten the QU Mixing Station Pro to work with desk straight out of the box. Kinda irks me that A&H don’t do Android as I resent the inflated prices Apple charge for their kit (don’t deny it’s well made though), so very happy to have a least some of the functionality to use on my Galaxy Pad.

Thanks again everyone. Your help is very much appreciated.