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Hi Roy,
I happily manage PA gigs with just 4 FX engines even with some horrendously complex band set-ups.
FX 1 for general Vocals, maybe a Classic or Hall model with 1.5-2.5 seconds decay.
FX 2 for otherwise dry instruments like snare, horns DI strings/acoustic guitars etc – usually EMT + echo or a warm medium-size Hall.
FX 3 I keep for delay FX specific to individual songs.
FX 4 is usually ADT or Chorus, again song-specific.
I manage levels through the FX sends with the FX return buses nominally set at unity (0db) and then store the settings either in rehearsal or on the sound-check with a unique Scene Memory for every song. This is actually far faster than you might think!
Songs with an FX change (for instance backing vocal ADT on the chorus) can be managed through muting on soft-keys.
I would also suggest setting up your mixer with a global FX Mute on one of the soft-keys.
The ability to kill all reverb/delay instantly between numbers can only be truly appreciated when you’re out there doing the gig!
Enjoy your new QU-16, as you explore its immense possibilities, especially if you’ve been analogue until now, you will find it a truly liberating experience.