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Hi Klaus,

I’m thinking the same thing.

On the product/features list I’d like to see a stage box that competed the QU-Pac perfectly. With 16 in and 12 outs. For my purposes I’d like it in a rack configuration, so it would be a new product probably called the AR1612. The AR2412 does this now but gives us 8 more ins, so I think it’s unlikely. And let’s face it, 24 in and 16 out makes for an awesome stage box.

Can anybody think of a circumstance where you would want the QU-Pac at a table and a stage/rack box near the musicians? Recording with a DAW, perhaps?

Thanks for your input everyone.

PS on Friday I spoke to some dance organizers for a dance up north and they are in the market for a mixer. They loved what can be done on the iPad with QU-pad, but we’re afraid that their pool of techs might not all be comfortable with a digital board. The QU-16 came to mind as a solution with a reasonable learning curve. Any thoughts?