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Hi All,

At last night’s gig I tried a couple of experiments. I put the QU-16 on stage without a table. I left my router inside of the rack case, instead of placing it on top of the case. The rack and case we upstage and stage right… So the router was blocked by an additional wall in two directions. In the hall my connection was great. The hall has a pesky neighbor so I often cross the street and use a SPL meter app to check sound level at her curb. I made it across the street but lost connection about 40′ short of her place, so the router placement did effect the range just a bit. I’ll have to try again in the previous location on the table with it in the case and on stage behind the wall to see which affects it more. I’ll let you know. The point of course is to create a setup that is as close to plug and play as possible with the least amount of steps that is still reliable.

Thanks again for everyone’s input.


PS At this point I’m thinking that if I switch to the QU-Pac I’ll get a shallow 6U rack for the QU-Pac, my wireless mic setup and the voltage regulator. This should leave half a rack space for the wifi router to go beside the Senneiser wireless mic receiver unit.