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in the PDF manual for the Qu mixers that I have here section 8.13,
states the following…

There are 40 Monitor output channels. These have a
fixed map and are not patchable. The outputs are fed
from the input channels, FX and various mixes
according to the tables below.
Mono (CH) and stereo (ST) channel sends follow the
Global Direct Output settings. Mixes are postprocessing,
post-mute, post-fader.
Note – Set the Global Direct Out source using a
channel Routing screen.

I think you need to go to the mix that the ME-1 is using and set the channels individually to Pre Fader using the Pre/Post button on the left-hand side of the console.

First, select the monitor mix that is using the ME-1, then hold down the Pre/Post button, while tapping each input channels’ “Sel” button,… this allows us to change the channel from pre to post fader for the selected MIX. I don’t have my Qu in front of me but toggling the SEL button toggles between pre and post fader and I believe the green LED is lit to indicate PRE fader.

Does that work for you?