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When I do a multitrack recording to Qu-Drive (USB Flash Key in USB port on top of the mixer), I understand that the signal is recorded from the channel inserts, i.e. post preamp (=post input GAIN), but pre any further processing. Correct?

By default yes, but this can be changed. You can record pre-insert, or you can record from the channel’s direct out. Whichever you choose is a global option: all channels sent to Qu-Drive at the insert point or all channels sent to Qu-Drive at the DO point. The thing is the direct out tap point can be moved throughout the channel’s signal chain, although it is a global option: if you move it to post-eq because you want to record the effect of the Qu16’s eq settings, it’ll be post-eq on every channel. PS the DO’s position in the signal chain can affect signals being sent to ME-1s if you’re using those, so plan ahead. If you do choose the DO option there is a trim for it if required.

When I want to playback the multitrack recording from Qu-Drive, I have to switch the source for the input channels from e.g. “local” to “USB > Qu-Drive” in order to get the signals into the mixer again. Correct?

You change it from Local\Remote to USB. There is a global definition for whether “USB” refers to the Qu-Drive on top of the console or the USB-B socket on the rear of the console. As long as the USB input is configured as Qu-Drive then you’re just changing the input source from Local\Remote to USB. You can set up scenes with the appropriate safes/filters to just change the input source, then assign their recall to a couple of softkeys to quickly change between preamp/USB input if that helps your workflow.

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Re gain:
If your signals make it into the Qu-Drive at -18dBFS then that’s what they’ll be played back at. You have a digital trim on each Qu-Drive channel to boost or attenuate the signal, but by default it’s set at unity: ie no change, so no amping the signal, unless you set the input channel’s digital trim to > 0.