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Pit Lenz

Very helpful hints and a generous offer from George!

…Go back to the LR mix for the house.

Don’t forget to get back there, otherwise you’ll mess up musician’ mixes without noticing when you proceed doing house sound.
In the lower left side of the screen you will always find an icon with the name and color of the mix you’re currently working on. Don’t proceed until it reads “Main” again.
i set up a soft key (#10) just for that. When I see it lit in red, I know I’m safe!

Go to: Setup/Control/SoftKeys/Soft10:
Function:[Sel Mix PAFL Scene] Channel Type:[Main(L/R] Type:[SelMixPAFL] Scene:[No Scene] and press [Apply].

I recommend to download the GLD Editor software (mac or PC) from the A&H website, so you have a little time to become familiar with the surface. Maybe even better if someone could bring (or mail) the current church setup file to you, so you can already see EXACTLY what will expect you on Sunday.
Once you’re comfortable with it, you will LOVE it!

If any more questions, I’m across the Atlantic (watching this forum) and be happy to assist as well…
Good luck and have fun!