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David Haughton

Hi All, one important thing that may have been missed here is Qu-Pac’s Qu-32 Core.
With an added AR2412 AudioRack you can expand up to 32 mic pres and 24 outs!

I use a shallow rack case and find that my Qu-Pac takes up 1/2 as much space as Qu-16.

Firmware v1.8 introduced a lot more setup functions and control from Qu-Pad which means you don’t need to spend so much time running back and forth to the mixer.

David Giga’s Mixing Station Qu is the most comprehensive Android app that we’ve seen so far and is available from Google Play or Amazon Appstore:

If your tablet device goes down mid-show, you still have control from Qu-Pac’s touchscreen. You could even set up a very simple but powerful mix interface using Qu-Control if necessary!

HTH. Cheers!